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TopTeenChat - Rules Guide For TopTeenChat

  • No Excessive Caps - Your message is conveyed in the chatroom. IF YOU TYPE LIKE THIS, it will seem like you're yelling, or intending to flood. '
  • No Bullying - We do not condone bullying of any kind. If you are caught antagonizing a user, or constantly harrassing a user, you will be removed.
  • No Feature Abuse - TopTeenChat does not condone any misuse of our services. Giphy Flooding, Cam Exploiting, using features as an outlet for profanity is not condoned.
  • Ban Evasion - If you are removed from our network, WE BANNED you for a reason. Do Not Come Back, or use a means of ban evasion. If you are caught, you will be trespassed and handled by your local authorities.
  • Age Requirement - You must be at least 13 years of age to use our services, any younger will be removed from TopTeenChat. If you are an adult, and caught in a Teen Chat Room, you will be removed and possibly reported.
  • Explicit Content/Uploads - Explicit content is prohibited on TopTeenChat. This can include Pornographic content, obscene uploads, cam shows, and advertising malicious content. Diciplinary action.
  • Cams - Webcam Functionalities are heavily monitored by our staff team. Violations occur when you don't follow the TOS. We will revoke your cam access, and likely remove you from TopTeenChat.
  • Hate Speach - Hate speach is 100% NOT allowed. This inludes flaming, racism, and harrassing remarks. You will be removed.
  • Agreement - By Signing on, you agree to these rules, and understand that everything does come with diciplinary action if violated.