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TopTeenChat - Terms of Use

  • Age Rules - You MUST be over the age of 13 to use our services. If you are an adult, you can utlize our Adult Chat Room platforms
  • No Spam - We do not condone link spamming, explicit content sharing, or promotion spam. You will be REMOVED off of TopTeenChat (Zero Tolerance)
  • Malicious Intent - If you are caught misusing our services by means of exploiting, or harming the user experience in anyway, will result in discipline up to legal action
  • Harrassing Behavior - We do not condone harrassing behavior by any means. This includes any staff member of TopTeenChat, as well as our users. If you are suspected of harrassing users, we will make an internal report and investigate.
  • mIRC usage - mIRC usage is heavily monitored, and reviewed very seriously. This can be a gateway to malicious activity. If you are allowed mIRC access, and are caught abusing it will be subject to diciplinary action and IRC restrictions.
  • Explicit Content/Uploads - Explicit content is prohibited on TopTeenChat. This can include Pornographic content, obscene uploads, cam shows, and advertising malicious content. Diciplinary action.
  • Cams - Webcam Functionalities are heavily monitored by our staff team. Violations occur when you don't follow the TOS. We will revoke your cam access, and likely remove you from TopTeenChat.
  • Hate Speach - Hate speach is 100% NOT allowed. This inludes flaming, racism, and harrassing remarks. You will be removed.
  • Agreement - By Signing on, you agree to these terms of use. Any Data will be collected if you are found breaching these terms.